Are you prepared to conquer the mountain?

The climbing route at Via Ferrata Tjøme

Difficulty – Climbing on Via Ferrata Tjøme
– a varied and exciting climbing route with high rappelling.

The unique thing about our Via Ferrata is that there are no iron bars in the mountains. That meant there will be more climbing than on the typical Via Ferrata routem that has fixed hoops and wires you hold on to.

You use natural grips in the mountains, but if you need a little help, you can hold on to the wire. This means that participants with different skills can climb together. If someone wants, you can skip the most challenging parts and continue on to the next part.

We give you full training in rappelling, so just look forward to 6 different rappelling.

Route options
The guide will show options if you get tired, experience it spooky or just want a break. Utsiktsruta (on the normal route) is also marked with an exit so you can cancel along the way. But you can not do that on the most demanding routes.

Those who are in good climbing shape can choose some extra demanding routes:

«NO RETURN» is moderately difficult.

«SISTE STUNT» a route with only small grips.

«ANGRESTIEN» you need a good technique for this one!.

If you manage “Angrestien” without holding the wire, you are one of the few who are qualified to take “Slådegihjel”.

«SLÅDEGIHJEL» is not for beginners, only for those with a lot of climbing experience.

To climb the demanding routes, you should have mountain boots, mountain shoes or similar shoes with a stiff sole. Wide soft shoes are not suitable.

We have also made a fun rappelling “Hvagjørjegnårappellen” where there is a large overhang so you have to crawl into the open air. “Hans Jørgen gata” is a pleasant and easy route up again. There is something for everyone to enjoy here.

Group trip with instructor
All tours must be booked in advance. We set up a start-up time. The instructors provide information and training in rappelling for the entire group. Then we let you climb at your own pace, without common breaks etc. In case the will be a queue, we follow up those who want and need support. Experienced climbers can quickly start on the route. The instructors will in any case be available along the way.

Here is a feedback we received on Facebook:
Professional, cheerful and generous guides, who neither stressed us nor relaxed for themselves. Close follow-up for those of us who needed it, and trust in those who fixed things on their own. Very “airy” routes with fantastic views!

Can i climb the route on my own?
Yes, sign up for one of our group trips. Join the review of rappelling and the climbing technique. As soon as we see that you master the techniques, we let you climb at your own pace. All our rappelling ropes are hanging out and the instructor will be available when needed.

Our route is built on Berit’s private property (without any financial support from the public sector). It is a big investment to build / maintain the facility. So we have to charge all guests who want to climb in our Via Ferrata. Several of the other routes in Norway are built in open country with financial support from Innovation Norway. This may be the reason why they can be used freely.

Mann i klatreveggen via ferrata tjøme