Everything you need to know to enjoy a day at Via Ferrata!


What is Via Ferrata?
Via Ferrata is a climbing route that uses a wire that is bolted to the rock along the entire route. The word “Via Ferrata” is Italian and means “Via railway”. A traditional Via Ferrata consists of fixed installations in the form of iron bars, rods and wires that are bolted to the rock. This is an old method that was first used by military troops in the Dolomites during the First World War. They relied on rapid movements up and down the mountainside in order to surprise any enemies.

Today, the Via Ferrata technique is used as an aid in climbing. Difficult areas are made more accessible to everyone, regardless of experience and climbing skills.

Via Ferrata Tjøme has built the route according to Norwegian climbing standards with exclusively CE – approved equipment, bolts and acid-proof wires. We have not put any iron bars or rods on the climbing rout. We have only installed climbing grips that are rounded, have no sharp edges and are attached all the way to the mountain. This is to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall. The intermediate anchors on the wire are tight (approx. every 60 cm) where the route is vertical / goes straight up. This is to limit a larger fall.

Climbing equipemnet from Petzl
You can borrow a comfortable padded harness, helmet, mobile phone bag, Via Ferrata sling, belay device, prusik cord and carabiners. We rappel on double 10.5 mm ropes.

The trip takes approx 4 hours + 15 minutes walk from the parking lot.

Group trips
See available timeslots and days on our online booking.

Private tour
750,- p.p. minimum kr 5000,- (own slot/guide).
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Parking and attendance
There is a 15 minutes walk from the parking lot at  Scandic Havna hotell to Base Camp. Check out our Veibeskrivelse. Please be early, as you can enjoy the view from Base Camp, have a snack or even an ice cream.

Clothing and equipment
Bring a small backback with food and drinks. You will be needing a lot of liquid during the climb. Pants should at least cover the knees. It is a great advantage with mountain boots, mountain shoes or similar shoes with a stiff sole. Hair braid is a must if you have long hair.

We would appreciate if you are not wearing any perfume while attending Via Ferrata. The odor from the perfume is very hard to remove from the helmets after use.

The activities are not recommended for people with heart / lung / back / neck problems, other physical challenges or pregnant women.

Weight – from 40 kg – 120 kg
All EU-approved Via Ferrata slings / lanyards have a minimum weight of 40 kg. People under 40 kg can therefore not participate in this activity.

Age limit 14 år
We do not allow children under 40 kg to participate in our Via Ferrata tours. Simply because a Via Ferrata lanyard is only approved for people between 40 kg and 120 kg. This means that the lanyard will not release in the event of a fall and can lead to personal injury to a child’s body.

Children from 12-14 years (over 40 kg) can join, as long as they climb with an adult that is comfortable with heights. The child must be able to keep up with the rest of the group’s pace. If not, the child must skip some of the parts of the Via Ferrata, in order to keep up with the other participants.

There is a14 years old limit on the toughest parts of the Via Ferrata.

Food and drinks
We sell mineral water and chocolate during the summer season.

Coming with a boat?
There are two guest harbors nearby: at Scandic Havna (15 minutes walk to Base Camp) and End of the World (30 minutes walk to Base Camp)

Via Ferrata Tjøme is a part of Aktiv Fritid. The company is owned and managed by Berit Norheim, and was established in 1999. Our beautiful Base Camp is situated on Berits private property close to Færder National park at Tjøme.

Norsk Økoturisme/Norwegian Ecotourism
We earned our certificate of environment from Norwegian Ecotourism in 2016, as the first an only activity park on Østlandet.